Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Intensives are intended to help clients get the extra care they need. Learn more below.

Intensive Therapy Plans are recommended for crisis situations, addictions, or family of origin issues. 

We believe intensive therapy is part of our unique approach to counseling, and that it provides better outcomes for our clients than standard traditional therapy alone. Both Intensive therapy and traditional therapy play an important role in achieving success as we navigate the challenges of life.

Intensive therapy is typically offered in a Three Day Intensive format that follows with the traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy, however 1 day follow-up aftercare sessions may be an option for clients traveling from out of town.

For out of town clients, traditional therapy in their local area will likely be recommended or video conference may be available for NC residents.
Intensives may also be added to treatment plans after traditional therapy has begun. Please consult your therapist for more details and to determine whether this is an appropriate step.

Intensives may be necessary for: 
- Crisis situations that need immediate attention and require more time to process and understand
- Addiction Recovery services that are needed immediately to establish safety in a relationship before therapy can begin.
- Deeper dive into understanding a persons issues, roots, or origin of the current problem they are facing.
- Psycho-education as a foundation to understanding what is really going on before intervention can begin.

These intensive options will be recommended during initial consultations if clinicians feel they are prudent. 

Our goal is to meet you where you are and provide quality care at every level for whatever issues you are facing.

These Intensive options are for individuals and couples that have been affected by the damaging of effects of problematic sexual behavior and/or sexual addiction. This intensive approach is designed with the Hope and Freedom model established by Milton Magness and attended by thousands of individuals and couples. This program is unique and specifically designed as a long-term treatment program to guide you down the path of healing, freedom and restoration. This Intensive approach is only offered by a select few clinicians in the country.

This intensive is for couples facing crisis in their relationship or marriage that have waited too long to get help need. Oftentimes couples need a guide for getting back on track - someone to help them chart a course toward a healthier vision for the love they once had. Usually couples need some psycho-education on what is healthy, what things have always been a bit off and need course correction before we can begin the ongoing treatment of rebuilding love, connection and a secure bond. Couples overcoming violations of love and trust should consider this option. (Couples who are facing chronic infidelity, struggle with pornography or have faced a long-term affair should be screened to determine if the SA Recovery Intensive for couples is better suited for their situation).

This is for a deeper dive and understanding into your past, your family roots, your experiences, and patterns that have formed your identity. The goal for this intensive is for you to look at your past identity, the present false beliefs it has caused and to set a future course based on a newer, healthier identity that is based on your positive beliefs about self that will improve relationships and how you live.

3 Day Pre-Marriage Assessment Intensive for Couples
3 Family Intensive for families struggling with grief, loss or crisis
3 Day Trauma Intensive for those suffering from Betrayal, Abuse, or Abandonment
3 Day Intensive for Co-Dependency
3 Day Intensive for Individuals struggling with Behavioral Addictions - Food, Money, Work, Sex, Porn, Gaming

We are able to create an Intensive that meets your specific needs. Simply complete the short online application and we will setup a consultation to discuss your specific situation and provide a custom proposal for an Intensive that fits your exact needs.

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